BLAST 1 – Boosting Language Auditory Skills & Training

Horns Drove Community Pre-School have purchased BLAST – A language Programme for 3 – 4 year olds


BLAST offers a structured group programme which aims to increase the amount of children with language skills at a national average or above and will complement their overall Pre-school education.  The programme is designed to develop pre-literacy and spoken language, improving attention, listening and language comprehension and visual and auditory memory.  BLAST will also help improve confidence and help the child become more competent in group situations.

BLAST 1 is designed for all children in early years settings  aged from 3-4. There are 30 consecutive sessions fully planned and resourced to deliver to a group of 4-8 children. We have three trained BLAST staff members who will run the groups, using a CD player and the pack! BLAST works on the underpinning skills for language, communication and literacy – turn taking, discrimination, listening, attention and social communication as well as developing basic language skills both receptively and expressively.

Pre-school will only be using BLAST 1 as BLAST 2 is designed for Reception age children  and older children who have Additional Needs. Both programmes are fully inclusive with guidance given to differentiate the programme for a range of different children of different abilities within the same group.

The key message of both BLAST programmes is “EVERY CHILD SUCCEEDS WITH EVERY ACTIVITY”.

The programme is positive and fun and kids LOVE it!

All children going to school in September will start BLAST 1 after the Easter half-term.